PlayStation VR hands on: ‘The Future of Play’ and everything in-between.


To celebrate the launch of PlayStation VR, we were offered a personal hands-on demo at PlayStation’s Future of Play Tour in Shoreditch, London. Having already experienced VR/AR throughout the year at Majenta Solutions with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Microsoft Hololens, I turned up feeling I knew what to expect. An hour or so later, I was leaving completely amazed by the sheer capabilities of the PSVR.

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vr benefits

Why use VR in design to increase sales?

As a communication platform, VR offers an opportunity to deliver new, uniquely enriched experiences. The use of Virtual Reality (VR) in design brings many benefits throughout the product lifecycle, including sales. So, it is no surprise that HTC, Facebook, Google, and Samsung have invested so heavily in VR.
VR is the natural evolution of marrying the content already available to users and teams with the more accessible Head Mounted Display (HMD) technology available. This HMD technology allows users to experience, rather than view 3D data. Here at Majenta Solutions, we’ve seen first-hand how VR can help to close communication gaps and improve decision making between design departments and enhance communication with customers by improving exploration and validation of digital designs. We’ve successful demonstrated to businesses how the use or VR in design can increase sales and improve efficiencies.
By using HMDs, we are evolving from ‘Computer Generated Imagery’ to ‘Computer Generated Immersion’ in VR where the perception of a product, building or operation can be achieved in VR long before a physical model or prototype has been created. Continue reading →


Majenta Solutions launch new BIM Services website.

  • The launch of the new BIM website showcases the breadth of skills and services that Majenta Solutions provide.
  • The new BIM website highlights that Majenta Solutions not only provide software, but support companies and institutions through installing new procedures and processes.
  • Majenta Solutions offer structured BIM project management and strategy implementation planning alongside CAD solutions.
  • Majenta Solutions guide and train customers through BIM Level 2, and will continue up to BIM Level 3 once government guidelines are published.

At Majenta Solutions we work with clients in all areas of construction, ranging from The University of Cambridge to UTC and Thomas Dudley. Having built expertise within the BIM environment over many years, it was imperative that we now showcased this expertise to our customers and the industry with a new website.

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Majenta Solutions and Strategic Simulation & Analysis announce a strategic partnership.

  • Majenta Solutions Ltd are a leading provider of product development, manufacturing and product lifecycle management solutions.
  • Strategic Simulation & Analysis Ltd (SSA) are a leading provider of simulation solutions across a wide range of industries, whilst providing a full range of consultancy and services for uses of computer aided engineering software.
  • Majenta provide experience and expertise across the Dassault Systèmes product suite, while their partnership with SSA will give customers access to simulation specialist skills.


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Number 100

This is my 100th blog post and I’ve been thinking for a while what this post should be about and I after the BIM Level 2 event yesterday I decided to follow my love of Architecture.

The event parking location meant I had to walk passed this stunning building and it sparked me to look up the history which I thought I’d share with you.

Most interestingly the name was taken from London’s Tyburn, a place of execution from Norman times until the late 18th century. The implication is that this too was a place where a gallows stood.

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I hope you all enjoy and here’s to another 100 and more posts.

BIM Level 2 Event Highlights

We had a fantastic BIM Level 2 event yesterday at the JLR experience in Birmingham, we had a broad mix of owner operators, architects, contractors, engineers and building product manufacturers attend and their feedback was very positive with all enjoying the day.

We had guest speakers from BIMobject, Thomas Dudley and BIM4M2 which added to our attendees experience.

I can’t wait for the next event so watch this blog for details on a date and venue.

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Industry calls for greater emphasis on whole lifecycle costs in construction

A very reviling survey by UK Construction Week in partnership with the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) that emphasis the need for whole lifecycle cost to be considered during the construction phase of the project.

Built environment professions need to understand the role that FM can play in design and construction planning and implementing BIM processes.

The whole industry in my opinion needs to consider all aspects of the building project.


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How will augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) transform museums?

VR has become massive as it’s being used in all areas of our lives with some being unexpected and/or not understood or accepted.


Museums are bringing VR solutions to getting more people visiting even though they haven’t actually stepped foot in the museum building.

SMARTIFY partnered with The City of London Corporation and Sculpture in the City to display structures which people used their smart phones to view.

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5 Autodesk Software Products you probably don’t know about

Tinkercad is a simple, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone.


Smoke® video effects software brings editing and effects together like never before. With the effects tools you need integrated within a standard, easy-to-use timeline environment, Smoke helps you increase your productivity.


Screencast is a free service that allows anyone to capture, share, and learn from software workflows. Autodesk Screencast consists of a recording application to capture recordings, and a website that processes & displays the recordings as interactive video tutorials.


Studio Wall is visual asset management software to help creative professionals in automotive and other design-intensive businesses with design management and collaboration.

Studio Wall

Homestyler is a free Web app intended for those residential and light-commercial interior-design projects that fall just short of “professional.”


Crossrail Artefacts go on Display

I think we all sometimes don’t consider that when a new building is planned that the location was possibly the site of a home, factory or even a battle.

Our countries past is often buried under the ground and only discovered when the land is excavated for a new building or civil project.

The construction of Crossrail in London has unearthed lots of fantastic artefacts which if you are interested are well worth a look.

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MX is the safe way for organisations to share large volumes of business critical data with colleagues and suppliers around the globe, in a controlled, secure and visible way.

  • MX data exchange is fast, secure and trusted by some of the UK’s leading manufacturers.
  • MX is powerful, it has no data size or transaction number limitations.
  • MX exchanges data up to 700% faster than other data transfer systems.
  • MX provides an environment where the organisation can manage internal and external data exchanges.
  • MX provides full audit history of data exchanged.
  • MX is scalable across all systems with no installation required.

MX is a data exchange tool, it utilises the web but via an https connection and 256bit encryption, making exchanging data safe and secure. What’s more, the data sent through MX is transient, the user controls their data throughout the whole exchange process; controlling how long the data is available for and how many times it can be downloaded. Once expired, the data is deleted and removed from the cloud, eliminating any concerns with data remaining in “the cloud” for extended periods.

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Majenta Solutions continues investment into its Dassault Systèmes Division by welcoming two Dassault Systèmes experienced and respected members of the industry to the team.

  • Majenta Solutions are a leading provider of product development, manufacturing, and product lifecycle management solutions.
  • Rashpal Mundi and Chris Stock are welcomed to the team. Both offer unrivalled expertise to the Dassault Systèmes Value-Added Division.
  • Majenta Solutions acquired the Dassault Systèmes Value-Added Reseller business unit from Tata Technologies Europe, earlier this year.
  • Majenta Solutions are working with both Dassault Systèmes and Tata Technologies Europe to ensure customers are fully supported during this transition.

Majenta Solutions are incredibly proud to announce the recruitment of two new team members to our Dassault Systèmes Division, taking the total team to almost 30 members. Rashpal Mundi and Chris Stock bring with them extensive knowledge, experience and passion for the industry and the Dassault Systèmes solutions portfolio.

The recent acquisition of the Value-Added Reseller business unit from Tata Technologies Europe, by Majenta Solutions, adds great new capability to their already experienced team of Dassault Systèmes engineers. With the recruitment of Chris and Rashpal, the team are delivering an unrivalled and world class experience for their customers.


Rashpal, having previously worked as a Senior Client Executive for Dassault Systèmes for over 10 years, has managed accounts such as UK F1 teams including: McLaren, Renault, Mercedes, and OEM’s including: Bentley Motors, Nissan Europe and Nissan. Within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform he managed the prestigious industry leader Jaguar Land Rover for 2 years, helping generate significant revenue for Dassault Systèmes, while bringing real value to Jaguar Land Rover. This experience and skill set will not only allow customers to grow, but will accelerate the growth plans for Majenta Solutions.


Chris Stock, with over 26 years of industry experience brings tremendous technical and consulting skills to the Dassault Systèmes Division. With his experience in product design working for the likes of Ford and IBM, as well as the Honda F1 team now known as Mercedes GP, he brings with him vast knowledge of the Dassault Systèmes Product Suite. Chris has also previously worked for Tata Technologies and Capgemini, where he led teams of Technical Consultants in the deployment and implementation of PLM systems. His experience in the analysis of company requirements to achieve their business objectives through successful implementation of PLM platforms, will add great value to the customers of Majenta Solutions.