Feature Focus: Your data, anywhere in the world.

The problem with file sharing abroad.

Our world has never seemed so connected. From personal trips abroad to global businesses, it’s never been easier to send and receive data wherever you are.

Almost. Even in 2016, there are still places in the world where the Internet is censored, meaning that it’s practically impossible to exchange data. The consequences of this can be extremely detrimental to the growth of any company.

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Not so fast Bentley: Separating fact from fiction


By Carl White, Senior Director of Business Models at Autodesk

Earlier this week, Bentley announced an “upgrade program” for Autodesk customers. We found the offer to be disingenuous and mischaracterizes what Autodesk offers our customers. Here are the facts about our offerings – both perpetual and subscription:

Fact #1 – No Autodesk customer ever loses the right to use the perpetual software license you’ve purchased, it is “evergreen”. And if you’re on a software maintenance plan, you can continue to receive all of the benefits of software updates and technical support for as long as you’d like.

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Are you suffering from BIM fatigue?

Are you suffering from BIM fatigue_

I don’t agree with us getting fed up with BIM but the term BIM being misused and the customers getting disappointed with what is delivered.

The Majenta BIM team strives to make the BIM process simple and very relevant to our customers needs and business.

Please take a look at our new BIM website and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help navigating BIM.

A Video Game Is Overtaking Post-Occupancy Evaluation in Architecture

A Video Game Is Overtaking Post-Occupancy Evaluation in Architecture

Post Occupancy Evaluation is where the success of a building project is gauged after the completed but with the use of a real-time synthetic  environment designers can evaluate the use of a building before the need for costly changes.

A great use of gaming technology but more building companies need to get involved.

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Virtual reality will be “more powerful than cocaine”

Virtual reality architecture will be _more powerful than cocaine_

A great interview with designer and visualiser Olivier Demangel and here at Majenta we fully back his push for all architects to experience VR as when they do they will be hooked.

If you want to see what VR can do for your business then get in touch and we can book you on a VR Experience Day at our Coventry Offices.

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Autodesk LIVE meets the Majenta Coventry Office

Virtual Reality is gaining momentum in the AEC arena and the new offering from Autodesk called Autodesk LIVE is not only easy to use it uses your Revit Model to create a cloud based 3D visualization of great quality. The viewer is free so your customers can view and navigate around the 3D model with ease.

I tried LIVE out using the Revit model of the Coventry office so please click below and watch the video and see how easy it is.

If you need any advice on LIVE then please get in touch or if you want to go further than LIVE to full VR then definitely get in touch.

We have a full VR experience of our office in Coventry coming very soon so watch this blog.

Being collaborative with Behaviours4Collaboration

Being collaborative with Behaviours4Collaboration

I have always said that BIM collaboration was all about changing current cultures through education and now the Behaviours4Collaboration group has been set up to support the industry.

The article and attached video of Elizabeth talking at a seminar is well worth a look. I’m looking forward to seeing this group develop and help bridge the gap of collaboration.

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The two exercises that will keep you fit for life

Why burpees and jumping rope are best workouts - Tech Insider

A group of my Majenta colleagues are currently training for a ‘Tough Mudder’ in August so I thought this article was very apt.

I think me thoughts of Burpees is the same as many of you I hate them but skipping I love that and even have a rope at home.

Check out this article and maybe it will give you the push to get moving more.

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Five Ways AR and VR Will Improve Our Current Reality

Five Ways AR and VR Will Improve Our Current Reality - Techonomy

AR and VR is not just for gaming is has massive potential in other areas that you may not have thought about.

Here at Majenta Solutions we are getting engaged with not just our Automotive customers but our AEC customers to show them the benefits of VR and how it can not only enhance their sales/marketing but it can be involved with their buildings, factory layouts and so much more.

1.) Engaging Entertainment.

2.) Better Buildings.

3.) Carefully Designed Cars.

4.) Thorough Training.

5.) Enhanced Education.

Please get in touch if you want any more details on how you get involved.

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A Guide to Architect Terms and Phrases

A Guide to Architect Terms and Phrases - Curbed

If you ever wondered what the foreign language Architects spoke then this article will help you out.

I was unaware of the following term and meaning but after reading this article I feel a little more educated.

Parti: It’s the basic scheme or concept for an architectural design that’s represented in a diagram. Parti is short for “parti pris,” French for “to make a decision.”

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